Bob Marshall

The Total Account Executive - How to Find, Hire, Train and Retain Them

For as long as I have been in the recruitment business (going on 39 years now), one of the most asked questions revolves around how to identify potential ‘big billers’ when we first meet them as raw, talented but unpolished gems. What do they look like? What do they sound like? What traits do they have that will serve them well as recruiters? And, just as important, what traits do they have that will cause them to fail as recruiters? —a big concern since we plan to put so much time, energy and money into their development. At the end of the day, how do we locate these future superstars, develop them and keep them!

This presentation will be in four parts:

Part 1: Vectoring in on the ‘ideal’ AE profile by illuminating the qualities they possess.

Part 2: Explaining to this potential superstar what big billing AEs do for a living. I will compare the AE to a doctor, explaining how they are similar in so many ways. Next comes the definition of The Total Account Executive and the power of commitment.

Part 3: Training focused on the thirteen ‘motivational paths’ and how to acquire the ‘right attitude’.

Part 4: Retaining these Total Account Executives by implementing the techniques of the ‘zero turnover’ big biller managers. I will discuss general motivation theory; the direct commission curve; and secondary motivators. Some of the other techniques will include: AE-conducted morning meetings, Total AE special membership clubs; monthly awards and team closing theory.

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