Bob Marshall

The Simple Brilliance of the 100 Point Sheet

On November 12, 2019, I presented my last Top Echelon webinar entitled, “Planning for Your Best Year Ever in 2020 – The ‘Atomic’ Approach.” 714 people from all over the world signed up for that presentation. And after it was over, I believe 713 requested my 100 Point Sheet.

During that presentation I stressed the importance of Systems--namely the Yearly Planning Worksheet, the Quarterly Goal Sheet and the 100 Point Sheet. Well, that last system—the 100 Point Sheet—seemed to be the one system that resonated the most with the attendees. And so, I spent the next couple of weeks dealing with an avalanche of requests for that sheet.

But, as I was sending out those blank 100 Point Sheets, I began having second thoughts because without my accompanying training the impact just wouldn’t be there. I realized that what was missing were the key ‘secrets’ that the recipients would need in order to use the sheets correctly. I felt that what I was doing was like giving everyone a set of TaylorMade golf clubs (the clubs Tiger Woods plays) and expecting them to play golf like Tiger Woods. That just wouldn’t happen!

Over the past 40 years I have become known for a few iconic approaches to our business: Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant, the Concept of the Inverted Cones, and The 100 Point Sheet. This session focuses on some of the secrets that are part and parcel of the correct use of The 100 Point Sheet. The ratios I use are based on my many years of studying the numbers from some of the biggest billers in our industry. Then, for my coaching clients, I compare their ratios with those of the big billers. I feel confident that once I give them the comparisons, they have a better idea of the numbers they need to generate in order to secure top production. I share that information with you during this presentation.

And finally, we end this session with a call to action along with a technique taught to us years ago by one of our Founding Fathers.

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