Gary Stauble

The Charismatic Recruiter: How to Attract New Clients by Mastering the Art of Personal Magnetism

Charisma gets clients to like you, trust you, and want to work with you. It can determine whether you’re seen as a leader or a follower, whether you’re shuffled off to HR, whether your agreement gets signed, and whether your call gets returned.

But what if you don’t consider yourself naturally charismatic?

New research from MIT has shown that charisma is the result of specific behaviors that can be learned—not an inherent or magical personal quality. During this session, you’ll learn the following from Gary Stauble of The Recruiting Lab:

—The three (3) components of charisma and how to turn them on at will
—Three (3) stealth techniques for boosting your presence when pitching to clients
—Seven (7) strategies for boosting your power, presence, and warmth over the phone
—The #1 way to convey high power in a negotiation
—The #1 way to convey low power in a negotiation and how to avoid it
—The two-minute exercise developed at Harvard that will boost your confidence by 20% and lower your anxiety by 25%, so that you can present at your best.
—How to use powerful body language and voice inflection to gain client trust and respect.
—And much more!


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