Gary Stauble

The #1 Strategy for Billing More and Working Less

Do you want to work with clients who want it as much as you do?
Do you want to eliminate the dead-end searches that drain your time?
Do you want to significantly boost your production while reducing your work load?

During this FREE webinar in the Top Echelon Recruiter Coaching Series, you’ll learn:

—The three crucial stages in a big biller’s development, why most recruiters don’t make it past stage 2, and how you can easily hit all three to maximize your earnings
—How to get your client to want to give you timely feedback and direct hiring authority contact
—The #1 litmus test you can use with clients to assess whether you have a high-quality search
—How to build a firewall that ensures you do NOT put hard work into a dead-end search
—The three required elements of an A-level search and the two specific actions you need to take to fill it quickly

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