Bob Marshall

How to Inject Urgency into the Hiring Process

Bob Marshall of TBMG International

During this FREE Top Echelon-sponsored recruiter training webinar, Bob Marshall will explain how to inject urgency into your job orders . . . by extension, the hiring process.

In his introduction, Marshall will discuss which companies have the highest sense of urgency in filling their open job orders, which need recruiters the most, and why.  He will quote his favorite recruiter, "Robocruiter," who said that our biggest problem in recruitment, other than planning and organization, is working "Can’t Help Job Orders and Search Assignments" and, thereby, wasting our time.

Also in this session, attendees will understand the critical need to firmly establish the job order drop-dead date and the total hiring process.  Specific examples will be given.

In addition, attendees will learn:

  • The nine critical pieces of information in each job order.
  • How to set the true value of a job order.
  • The five points in developing the "Time Compression Plan" with the hiring manager.
  • How to establish "The Theory of Threes."
  • How to encourage a mutual exchange of cooperation with the hiring manager.
  • The 11 major points to consider when determining how much time to allocate on any assignment!

Join Bob Marshall for this FREE webinar, and learn how to make sure that every job order you work will be supremely fillable! Fill out the form at right to see the video.

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