Bob Marshall

How to Inject Urgency into the Candidate

Bob Marshall of TBMG International

During this FREE Top Echelon-sponsored recruiter training webinar, Bob Marshall will explain how to inject urgency into your candidates.

In his introduction, Marshall will discuss why recruiters still need to recruit viable candidates in this high-unemployment marketplace.  He will start his presentation by assuming that you have already piqued your potential candidate's interest and are now working on qualifying their sense of urgency.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • Why we still need, indeed must, recruit "placeable" candidates
  • CLAMS: the five reasons why candidates move
  • The 10 critical pieces of information that we need to cover to establish candidate urgency
  • How to encourage a mutual exchange of cooperation with our candidates
  • The 11 major points to consider when determining how much time to allocate to each candidate we work
  • And finally, when to stop beating "dead horse candidates."

Watch this webinar and learn how to be sure that every candidate you work will be supremely motivated to make a move . . . and NOT a big waste of your precious time! This webinar recording is FREE and will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

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