Scott Love

How to Earn It All with High Level Candidates and Clients

Scott Love of The Attorney Search Group

There’s a model of how to communicate and how to influence when you deal with high level candidates and clients. It’s about building a relationship that has authenticity and substance at its core, and there is a replicable model that you can follow to build that with your prospects.

If you attend this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage prospects so they “bring the walls down” and open up you.
  • Ask probing questions that give you the tools you need to overcome objections.
  • Speak in a way that gets your prospects to respect you and even look up to you.
  • Speak to prospects so that they see you as charismatic and genuine.
  • Use your influence to bring prospects along with you to the next steps of your process.
  • Develop an authentic relationship with high level candidates and clients so you can get higher fees.

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