Gary Stauble

Boosting Productivity in a Volatile Market

Staying focused, positive, and productive is NOT easy in a volatile market like the one we’re currently experiencing. That’s why we’ve invited leading industry trainer Gary Stauble of The Recruiting Lab to present the next webinar in the Top Echelon Recruiter Coaching Series!

Gary has created a new training session to help agency recruiters and search consultants move from “overworked and overwhelmed” to laser-focused and productive. During this information-packed webinar, attendees will learn:

- 5 strategies for getting out of a Slump and into action
- How to "Lock and load" Your Marketing Activities for the Week
- How to eliminate marketing reluctance
- An easy way to boost your call output by 30%
- How and why to send "Warm Up Emails"
- The key difference between a $200K biller and a $500K biller
- How to create a powerful "Boot-Up Sequence" to your day
- How to use Habit Stacking to get traction with your tasks
- Specific metrics you can use to hit your financial goals

So don’t stay overworked and overwhelmed. Instead, stay focused, positive, and productive!

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