Bob Marshall

Avoid Dead End Searches and Identify Hot Ones

Bob Marshall of TBMG International

During this FREE Top Echelon-sponsored recruiter training webinar, Bob Marshall will explain how to avoid "dead-end" Job Orders from clients, including how to spot these "purple squirrel" searches and how to remove yourself from the process before wasting so much of your precious time and resources on them.

In general, recruiters seem to naturally possess a "positive mental attitude."  Because of this PMA, they think that every Job Order they write is of Search Assignment quality—that it's supremely ‘fillable'.  While it may be necessary to have a positive outlook, you need to temper it with a strong dose of reality.

In this session, you will rediscover why you still need to vigorously qualify all of your Job Orders and pick the best to work.  You will learn when to stop beating dead horse employers; define what they look like; and discuss how to eliminate them. In this webinar:

*You will learn the 5 reasons why "horse beating" occurs.

*You will learn the 9 warning signs of a "dead horse employer."

*You will learn the 11 ways to eliminate "dead horse employers."

Join Bob Marshall for this FREE webinar, and learn how to be sure that every decision you make about accepting a search assignment is the right decision! Fill out the form at right to see the video.

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