Gary Stauble

3 Simple Strategies for Boosting Your Performance

Good intentions are not enough. You need field-tested, practical strategies for boosting your productivity and performance. 

Since 1994, Gary Stauble has been testing and retesting the best productivity levers for boosting production with the least required effort. This FREE webinar is designed to help you start your year with momentum and motivation: 

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn: 
-- The “Secret sauce” of goal achievement that turns good intentions into measurable results 
-- A super simple planning technique that’s been proven by behavioral scientists to TRIPLE your chances of achieving a goal 
-- My exact 5am to 8am schedule that I use to maximize my productivity 
-- The most important day of the week for boosting productivity 
-- The most important segment of the day for boosting productivity 
-- What time of the day is best to plan, and for how long 
-- How to use a 30-minute buffer period to boost productivity 
-- Why decision fatigue may be killing your productivity and what to do to fix it 
-- 3 Free or low cost apps that can boost your focus and willpower 
-- How to overcome boredom, overwhelm and lack of focus 
-- How to create stakes to give your goals teeth 

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