Bob Marshall

3 Proven Methods to Landing New Clients

During this Top Echelon Recruiter Coaching Series webinar, Bob Marshall will present “3 Proven Methods to Landing New Clients” based on his 35+ years of experience training and coaching in the recruitment industry.

Using proven big biller techniques, he will discuss three plans that can be central to your success:

1. The development of a 12-month rotating Marketing Call Mastery “Touch” Plan
2. The creation of a Client Referral Plan
3. The fashioning of a Client Direct Mail Plan

In this session, you will create three pillars of activity that can help ensure the regular addition of new clients to your recruiting desk. No longer will you be at the beck and call of established clients (i.e., to be responsive to their slightest request) as their urgency falls away. They still like you . . . they just don’t need you anymore. The implementation of these three methods will make that problem disappear!


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