John Lindesmith

Transforming Uncertainty into Solutions: How to Create Opportunity and Grow Your Business

There is a lot of uncertainty in the employment marketplace right now, but that uncertainty doesn’t have to affect your recruiting desk, your agency, or your business. That’s because you can transform that uncertainty into solutions for your clients, helping them to manage their personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic with contracting options.

In this session, John shares the tools that you can use to create placement opportunities and position yourself for more success. Among the topics he will address include:

—How to create value in your agency by providing more hiring options to your clients
—Easy steps for marketing your contract staffing services
—How to get contract job orders and find contract candidates to make placements
—How much additional money you can earn with contracting
—How contracting can help to “recession-proof” your business for the long haul

There are certainly challenges in the marketplace, but you can turn those challenges into opportunities. 

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