Next Level Coaching

The Road to Recovery - Part 2

One of the questions we continue to get asked is “What are other owners doing during this time?” Our team is in a unique position to speak to this, as we’ve been interacting with hundreds of search firm owners throughout the pandemic and have in-the-trenches insights into what’s actually working and how firms have evolved. As we see things continue to shift and progress, it’s time we talk about where we go from here. That’s because your actions through the end of the year will have a profound impact on your future.


Greg Doersching covers:

—Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business; what techniques are actually working right now?
—How do your business development and recruiting strategies need to adapt?
—How do you balance high touch with high tech?

Many firms have lost key producers who decided that the best way to mitigate a decrease in compensation was to quit and go out on their own. If cracking down on performance management is your answer to increasing revenue, then you’ve already started to “put nails in the coffin.” This webinar will focus on how not just to grow revenue, but how not to lose it.

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