Next Level Coaching

The Road to Recovery - Part 1

One of the questions we continue to get asked is “what are other owners doing during this time.” Our team is in a unique position to speak to this; we’ve been interacting with hundreds of search firm owners throughout the pandemic and have in-the-trenches insights into what’s actually working and how firms have evolved. As we see things continue to shift and progress, it’s time we talk about where do we go from here: your actions through the end of the year will have a profound impact on your future.
In this session Jeff Kaye and Karen Schmidt cover:
  • What are the types of hires that will allow you to stay ahead of your competition, and how do you find them? 
  • Fatigue isn’t just limited to Zoom happy hours; how do you keep your team inspired, motivated and managed within a partial/full virtual environment? 
  • The only thing worse than revenue going down is revenue walking out the door; how do you ensure you have the right model, career paths and compensation plans to minimize departures and maximize retention of key players?

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