Jordan Rayboy

The Power of Leverage

So you’re a successful solo recruiter, and you’ve watched your billings grow over the years. Until one day, you inevitably reach a critical mass of having more work than you have bandwidth . . . meaning that you’re leaving money on the table. So now what?

The problem is while you can always try and work more hours or make more phone calls, there is only so much YOU to go around. The problem with being a top producer in our business is that everything that got you where you are is exactly what will keep you from getting where you want to go.

The mindset of a producer is in stark contrast to that of a leader—trying to own everything and do it all yourself (because let’s face it, you’re the best at it and can’t trust anyone to do it as well as you) versus the seemingly foreign concepts of outsourcing, delegating, and empowering others.

Ever wonder how you can multiply your billings from the $300K-500K level up to $800K-1M+? The only way to do it sustainably is to introduce the power of leverage by building a team to support your rainmaking efforts.

In this FREE recruiter training webinar, Jordan Rayboy takes you along the growth path from producer to leader, showing you how to scale your team and your billings to new, previously unimaginable heights.

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