Jon Bartos

The Millionaire Recruiter

 Jon Bartos of Trustaff

Millionaire Recruiters were not born. They were made. After an exhaustive study of Millionaire recruiters all over the world, Jon will go over the key characteristics, activities, skill sets, accountabilities and mindset of the top half of One-Percenters who are recruiters. And by the way, it’s NOT about the money.

Jon will explore the commonalities of the ultra successful as well as what key elements everyone can implement to dramatically improve their production today.

Attendees will walk away with the following:

  • The key differentiators that make a Millionaire Recruiter
  • Examples of Millionaire Recruiters and how they got there
  • The Metrics behind a Millionaire Recruiter
  • What Motivational factors help drive production to that level
  • Marketing and Recruiting techniques that helped them get where they are today
  • Various infrastructures and business models that support the Millionaire Recruiter money machines

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