Mike Lejeune

The Key to Creating Motivating Environments

One of the key characteristics of a great leader is the ability to create motivating environments. Notice I didn’t say motivating others. The key to high performing teams is to tap into that place where someone motivates themselves. They drive past fear or doubt, releasing the grip on self-serving agendas or silos. It’s the place where they feel engaged! What can you do as a leader other than give motivational talks and run contests? This workshop centers on developing your skill in creating organizational clarity, one of the key principles of the Power of Engagement. It serves as a catalyst for driving high performing teams. We’ll address what top performers seek in their organization and more importantly their leader where their sense of value to the organization comes from.

Take Aways
- Identify the common challenges that cause recruiter disengagement
- Understand performance drivers in today’s work force and how to bring focus to objectives rather than tactics.

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