Joe Rice

The Big Bang Theory of Recruiting

Joe Rice of Joseph David International

The “Big Bang Theory” is a scientific theory describing the origin of all space, time, matter, and energy approximately 13.7 billion years ago from the violent expansion of a singular point of extremely high density and temperature. It states that the earth and all of its entirety was formed by one big “bang.”

In recruiting, do we also subscribe to this theory as it relates to recruiting and closing candidates? It’s certainly not one major phenomenon that results in spontaneously placing candidates. As the world turns, it is very much a candidate-driven market and it requires finesse, cultivation, and strategic tactics to not only recruit, but also to close candidates.

We’ve often heard about “candidate closing,” but the first phone call with any candidate is the beginning of the close, and there is no close without a proper introduction. In this webinar, Joe Rice will walk attendees through the Big Bang Theory of Recruiting and strategies to recruit and cultivate candidates that will not only lead to more recruits, but also to a higher ratio of closes.

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