Mike Lejeune

The Art Of Getting Clients And Candidates Where They Want To Go

Are you frustrated with clients or candidates not moving in conjunction with the speed of today’s market? Are you perplexed when they suddenly “go dark” and are non-responsive? The answer may be they aren’t convinced that you are clear on their objective and destination.

In this session, Mike will present approaches to guide the decision-making process, rather than being a hopeful spectator. Key objectives include:

—identifying the key pulse point of the placement process that drives consistency and high levels of production
—Master the use of softening statements to set expectations on next steps
—Understand that what, where, and how of assignments are important; however it’s the WHY that drives decisions
—Developing depth, not just mass, in the information we collect to build a clear roadmap

So stop being frustrated and start exerting influence. Join Mike and learn “The Art of Getting Clients and Candidates Where They Want to Go”!

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