Glenn Gutmacher

Super Sourcing Top Tricks

These 100% free methods (plus a couple of bonus paid ones that are worth trialing) will allow any recruiter or sourcer to take their pipelining productivity to another level! 

Learn such proven but relatively little-known methods and tools as: 
- bookmarklets (browser favorites on steroids, with examples geared to recruiters) 
- diversity pipelining using names and faces (and other effective types of) searches 
- the best Google Chrome extensions to find contact information so you’re not limited to LinkedIn inmail messages
(but we’ll share some tips to increase your LinkedIn response rates, too!) 
- ways to automatically web scrape all relevant people-related information deep and wide across any website 

It's fast-moving, chock-full of useful goodies, covering step-by-step in less than a hour things that will make all your future hours online exponentially more productive!

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