Greg Doersching

Shrink Your World, Grow Your Profits

The landscape of recruiting continues to change, and technology and demographics have guaranteed that we won’t be going back to the “good old days” that so many of our strategies and practices have been built upon.

The next wave of recruiting is going to need to focus on more personalized attention to details. Having 60,000 people in a database who barely remember your name won’t be nearly as powerful as having 2,000 people who truly rely upon you for their job changes. This is just one small example of the kind of contraction and specialization that will be at the center of success as we go forward within the profession.

With that in mind, join Greg Doersching for the next webinar in Top Echelon’s Expert Recruiter Coaching Series, as he takes you through ways to refine your thinking, narrow your perspective, and increase your effectiveness in dealing with clients and candidates. During this session, Greg will focus on:

—True market mastery
—Better communication with your database
—Increasing your placements through a new way to do MPC marketing
—And more

This is a powerful and profitable session you just won’t want to miss. So join us on February 11 for “Shrink Your World, Grow Your Profits”!

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