Margaret Graziano

Recruiting Tour De Force

By Margaret Graziano

If you want to catch a fish you have to learn what they are biting on, and then provide it. Be ahead of pack and control your income by controlling your outcomes. Take what you know, what you might not know, what your end users are starting to find out – leverage that and capitalize on your ability to deliver and win the Recruiting Tour de Force.

Outline of Presentation

You will gain insight on new trends in HRO, RPO, and consultative recruitment outsourcing and learn how you can become an early adapter and compete on a level playing field with the big boys. You will learn why these companies are taking the corporate HR world by storm –what is working and what isn’t and what you can imitate and what you will need to stay away from.

  • HRO
  • RPO
  • Off Shoring
  • Sourcing
  • Social Networking
  • Selection
  • Hiring Systems
  • Methodology for Overcoming Barriers to Entry


  • A FUNdamental review of where the industry is at TODAY
  • Strategic Business Development tools
  • A comprehensive means to deliver your solution
  • 25 + New ideas to move your business forward

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