Carol Wenom, CPC, CTS

Preparing for the Interview Stage

Carol Wenom, CPC/CTS of Whitaker Technical

No matter how well qualified your candidate may be according to the job description from the company, it’s a proven fact that the best qualified candidate is NOT always the person that gets hired.

More often, it’s the candidate that the client “likes” the best—the one that fits best with the corporate culture AND that’s qualified for the position.

While a recruiter doesn’t have control over the candidate’s technical knowledge, you DO have control over your ability to screen candidates for this cultural fit and then prepare them to “ace” the interview.

In this session, you’ll learn the step-by-step method for preparing a candidate.

Carol will discuss the different types of in-person interview styles and will share written preparation materials and worksheets that you can use with your candidates to help them be their best during an in-person visit and increase their likelihood for success.

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