Doug Beabout

Playing by the Numbers

There has never been a more fertile era for third-party recruiters than right NOW. We have a very opportunistic landscape before us, but in order to fully exploit the situation, we must first understand the real circumstances within the marketplace in which employers must compete for talent. 

These “numbers” compel huge changes in how competitive talent acquisition must be executed. Amazingly, few employers today recognize these real conditions or how they will affect their best efforts to recruit the critically talented people they must acquire to take full advantage of today’s marketplace opportunities. 

In the next webinar in Top Echelon’s Recruiter Coaching Series, renowned industry trainer Doug Beabout, CPC/CSP will share: 

—The actual realities that exist in the marketplace 
—How these “numbers” affect competitive hiring 
—How you must quickly evolve to win, win, win! 

Doug Beabout brings over 40 years of expertise in professional recruiting and the search process, as well as over 25 years of experience creating top-billing recruiters globally. Join him on July 10 and discover the secrets of “Playing by the Numbers”! 

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