Joe Rice

No Pain, No Gain: Debunking the Myth

By Joe Rice of Joseph David International

Recruiting often preaches the importance of “dialing for dollars” and making as many phone calls as possible. What if there was not only an easier way to do this, but it also doubled your production?

If you attend this FREE webinar, you will:

  • Walk away with a clear focus of how to specifically identify and target your niche.
  • Learn why you aren’t getting call backs and how to get a one-to-one callback ratio.
  • Learn a step-by-step process to more effectively approach clients, get them on the phone, and win business without even selling.
  • Learn specific tactics, strategies, and verbiage used by Pinnacle-level recruiters with a clear strategy for developing $200K+ clients, including step-by-step examples that can be put into action immediately.

In this training webinar, Joe Rice of Joseph David International will give you a painless road map for building your desk with less effort than advertised!

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