Shally Steckerl

Mastering Natural Language Search for the Modern Sourcer

Take a deep dive with one of the most innovative minds in the industry and explore how to stay ahead of the sourcing curve.
Imagine using universal search techniques that work in any database. Uncover talent hidden in plain sight through searching for language patterns, finding people in associations and conferences, and other web-based content not easily accessible through mainstream search engines.
You’ll never be a world class CyberSleuth, unless you learn the easy magic of Natural Language Search. Forget complex Boolean logic and advanced syntax, these search hacks work in any database, and will have you finding people you have right under your nose and never even knew existed in your own ATS, on resume databases, and even people you never knew you were missing on LinkedIn.
– Understand natural language search
– Hacks for the modern sourcer
– Latest sourcing tech

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