Bob Marshall

Make Placements by Overcoming Objections with Contract Staffing

Bob Marshall presents techniques that the top producers use to turn objections into placements. He recommends the new positions that you can take to generate new revenues.

And through the Blended Desk, he demonstrates how you can effectively arrive at the 100% marketplace, where every client you contact can utilize your services . . . the so-called “one-stop supermarket of employment services.” Point covered:

  • The rationale behind making marketing calls
  • The Five-Step Marketing Plan
  • The Three-Part Objection Formula
  • Weaving the 13 Contract Staffing Advocate Statements into your marketing presentation
  • The Four Most Common Contract Staffing Objections and how to deal with them

Watch this session for new ideas on how to deal with the objections you receive and turn them into placements on the search and/or staffing side of your business!

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