Scott Wintrip

Inspired Recruiting and Selling

By Scott Wintrip of the Wintrip Consulting Group

Some interactions with clients and candidates almost seem to be divinely inspired, while others feel like you’re trudging through mud and muck? Getting nowhere fast. What’s the cause of these very different scenarios?

“Inspired Recruiting and Selling,” an almost effortless interaction with people, always has two components: trust and compulsion. Without both of these, recruiting becomes a more difficult task.

During this free recruiter training webinar, Scott Wintrip of the Wintrip Consulting Group will share the best methods to effectively connect with people and compel them to want to work with you.

During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn how to create a compulsion for clients and candidates to buy in to what they offer more quickly.
  • Discover ways to increase trust and develop better relationships.
  • Learn about the global movement called Lean Recruiting, a system for manufacturing and distributing more talent with less effort.

“Inspired Recruiting and Selling” is a FREE training webinar. Fill out the form at right to see the video.

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