Mark Wolf

Increase Sendouts by Implementing the "Hourglass Model"

Narrowing a candidate’s preferences is a common practice among recruiters when it comes to qualifying candidates. Unfortunately, this type of thinking severely limits a recruiter’s ability to develop creative solutions and by extension, it also limits a candidate’s job options.

In this webinar in the Top Echelon Recruiter Coaching Series, Mark Wolf of C&A Industries will discuss the “Hourglass Model” of engaging candidates during a search. Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:
  • “Stretch and expand” a candidate’s preferences
  • Create multiple options for the candidate that they had not considered
  • Reduce limitations in the candidate’s mind so they can explore other possibilities
Sourcing quality candidates is just the first step in a recruiter’s quest to bill more. Increasing sendouts is the next step, and you’ll learn how to do just that in this special Recruiter Coaching Series webinar!
Watch the webinar and learn to Increase Sendouts by implementing the Hourglass Model!

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