Rob Mosley

How to Effectively Respond to Client and Candidate Resistance

Every time a customer has resistance of any form, whether it be a misperception, a skepticism, or a valid concern, it is your moment to build a bridge of trust and value in the relationship.

In this session, Rob Mosley of Next Level Exchange shows how resistance is a necessary (and even essential) part of the customer service process and should not necessarily be viewed as an obstacle. Resistance should be viewed as an opportunity to influence, inform, and guide customers when they have an incomplete or inaccurate perception about our services and/or solutions.

LACES is an acronym for HOW we respond to resistance at any stage of the customer relationship. LACES stands for Listen – Acknowledge – Clarify – Expand – and Seek Agreement. The purpose of the LACES model is to ensure that we respond to any type of resistance and communicate to the prospect/customer that we are actively listening and want to better understand their perception and point of view. It also allows us to better and more accurately position our value and make guiding suggestions in order to gain agreement on moving forward in the sales/recruiting process.


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