Mike Gionta

How to Double Your Placements AND Your Revenue in 121 Days or Less!

By Mike Gionta of RecruiterU

Are stuck in a revenue range that leaves you “more month at the end of your money”? Do you find yourself sitting at your desk every morning and simply opening up and reading email and having the agenda for your day set by the crisis of the moment . . . or worse, have NO agenda for the day? Have you expected, through some sort of divine intervention, that the situation would fix itself?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you need to attend this FREE training session!

You will leave this unique webinar with:

• Clarity on the one or two things holding you back AND a few ideas on how to fix the problem.
• Three (3) specific ideas on how to at LEAST DOUBLE your productivity!
• Three (3) strategies on how to increase your marketing . . . without cold calling!
• The formula on how to hit your exact revenue target . . . GUARANTEED!

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