Amy Bingham

How to Become a Master Networker

Amy Bingham of Bingham Consulting Professionals

Many people miss opportunities to network, and when they do engage in it, they’re not as effective as they could be.

Attend this FREE webinar and learn the best practices for networking strategically to become a master networker. Industry trainer Amy Bingham will cover what networking is, what it isn’t, why we need it, and how we do it. From the number-one goal in networking to the 10 traits of the master networker to how to create a road map to becoming more referable, you’ll learn the best practices for making networking WORK.

Attend this session and you’ll learn the following:

  • Why you must network strategically
  • The traits you must emulate to become a master networker
  • How to create a powerful personal introduction
  • How to construct your “road map to referable”

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