Doug Beabout

Establishing Influence with Today’s Candidates

Doug Beabout, CPC of The Douglas Howard Group

In today’s economic environment, the availability of job orders isn’t necessarily the problem. Finding qualified candidates and successfully recruiting them for your opportunity IS the problem!

In this webinar, Doug Beabout will explain how you can establish influence and assume a leadership position with the candidates you have the best chance of placing.

Take-aways include the following:

  • Why more of today’s candidates want to be in control
  • The “inside secrets” of gaining a leadership position with today’s candidates
  • Managing the actions of candidates before during and following interviews
  • How to gain influence over candidate decision-making and offer acceptance

Don’t let candidates—and placements—get away! Join Doug Beabout for this information-packed session and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to influence today’s top talent.

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