Jon Bartos

Creating a Culture of Performance by Using Metrics

Jon Bartos of Trustaff Solutions

Creating a culture of performance is a recipe for how to achieve your maximum potential—either individually or as a team. Prepare to earn a Ph.D. in the Science of Recruiting . . . and by the way, it’s not just all about making more calls.

Bartos will share the following in this FREE recruiter training webinar:

  • The critical Activity Metrics and Results Metrics and why they’re important to track
  • The “7 Ratios,” what they mean, and how to use them to immediately improve your performance in recruiting, marketing, and matching skills
  • The “Magic Recipe” on how to reach your maximum potential
  • How to create a culture of performance to achieve individual and team performance goals
  • A real-time view of the RPM Dashboard, a tool for establishing a culture of performance

You’ll walk away with the following:

  • An in-depth understanding of metrics in recruiting
  • What each metric means and their importance for improving performance overnight

Watch this FREE recruiter training webinar by Bartos, and implement his proven strategies for creating a “culture of performance” within your recruiting firm! Fill out the form at right to see the video.


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