Doug Beabout

Beating Counteroffers: Your Deadliest Trap

Doug Beabout, CPC of The Douglas Howard Group

The good news: employers are widely challenged finding talent by their own means. Recruiters benefit from this common condition. We can do for employers what they typically can not: direct, precise recruiting of employed candidates.

The bad news: the other huge challenge for employers is keeping those employees they must have. Counter-offers are more frequently made and accepted than in any prior era.

The best news: your clients will love you even more when you kill the counter-offers they fear today.

Learn how to be fully armed against this attack to your placements:

  • Why counter-offers are more attractive today
  • What we can do to defeat counter-offers
  • How this is a process, not a tactic or reactive action
  • How to work with your clients to empower you to save their hire (and your placement)
  • When to begin your anti-counter-offer process, what to learn from everyone, and how to use it to everyone’s advantage

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