Jon Bartos

Advanced Branding Strategies for Recruiters

Jon Bartos of Trustaff Solutions

“Every battle is won . . . before it is ever fought.” – Sun Tzu

In recruiting, as in war, you win or lose based on the decisions you make before battle (or you even pick up the phone). Picking the right “Zebra” will be the foundation of your level of success, as well as how many competitors you have.

In this critical session, Jon will cover the ever-important concepts of picking your specific Zebra, how to create client and candidate synergies, and how to develop the right brand messaging and unique selling proposition to go along with it. This will, in turn, give you both the ammunition you need to take great searches and for many, make this wonderful business fun again.

Jon will then take a look at the critical concept of a “Blue Ocean,” how to make all competition irrelevant in your Zebra. This is a foundational session that should be mastered by all in the recruiting and staffing market.

This session will make the leap to engaged or retained search a very simple step.

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