Greg Doersching

Working "On": Dealing with Your Desk in the New Now!

(This is the first part of Greg Doersching’s three-part webinar series dealing with recruiting during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

According to Greg, every recruiter that he’s ever met has talked about how they’re always so busy “firefighting” that they never have time to spend working “on” the parts of their desk they know they should improve. “I should work on cleaning up my database.” “I should work on creating a better marketing document” You get the idea.

In this session, Greg focuses on things you should be spending time working “on” right now. You’ve got some time available, where the normal “hustle and bustle” of running a recruiting desk isn’t happening. So use this time wisely and get ahead of the curve as we start recover from the COVID-19 disruption.

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